Trainer: Mike Cook

Would I recommend Mike to someone? Just ask anyone that comes in contact with me. He breaks the mold of what people think trainers are, and I have never seen someone care so much about their client base. Read more about my journey.


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Trainer: Karol Alexander

First let me start by saying my self confidence was not very high. I battled bulimia in high school, and then as a young adult I lost my mother to colon cancer. In my grief and depression I turned to food as a crutch and security. I gained several pounds and reached my heaviest weight of 165 pounds. It was time to take action. I met Karol at Lifestyles and she became my trainer.  I also attended her boot camp classes. How would I ever know that she would be such a BLESSING IN MY LIFE? Not only my trainer, but my DEAR FRIEND. With her inspiration, kindness, and patience I was able, in 1 years’ time, to go from 165 to 110 pounds. She has turned my life around and given me the confidence that I needed to feel good about myself. I even purchased my first 2-piece bathing suit and proudly wore it this past summer.


Trainer: Karol Alexander

I joined Lifestyles in 2011 and my goal was to get into shape, lose weight, and have lean muscle tone. I had never committed myself to a strict workout regimen because I got lazy and made numerous excuses. I met Karol shortly after joining Lifestyles and with her knowledge of the female anatomy, patience, and expertise I have never felt better about myself. Karol is attentive to any present or past injury, in my case my lower back, and will work with you at your comfort level to gain the optimal result at each session.  I know Karol has my best interest at heart and I have left many sessions thinking I can’t do this; however, with her positive attitude I kept going. I have met my goal’s and my focus is to maintain what I’ve worked for. With Karol‘s help I have no doubt this will continue. I’m quite lucky in finding a trainer at the right time along with a very dear and lifetime friend.


Trainer: Karol Alexander

Karol is personal training! If you want to lose weight and get healthy, she provides you with all of the tools you’ll need—she’s a trainer, a motivator, and a friend! Karol is full of knowledge in nutrition and is eager to share it! When I met Karol I was in need of losing 20 pounds, I wasn’t in to exercise of any kind, and I was approaching the need for high cholesterol medication. I started running, very slowly, but I needed accountability. We started tracking my food intake and from the start she was able to teach me, not only good vs bad, but, also, the why. She helped me every step of the way. I was even able to send her pictures of food products while shopping and she assisted in my making the right choice!! I saw results almost instantly! Along with the nutrition came the weight training. She’s attentive and listens to your concerns. Years ago, I was in a car accident that left me requiring multiple surgeries on my left knee. As a result, I was very concerned about reinjuring that knee. She didn’t hesitate, she assessed my abilities and came up with a plan to strengthen my knee, which she did! She knows the gym equipment and is able to put together a fun (yes, I said fun!) circuit/workout! Karol never leaves you guessing, she explains how to use the equipment and ensures proper form at all times. I lost those 20 pounds and I just can’t say enough, Karol is awesome!! Almost 2 years ago I relocated to California, and I’m still working out with her thanks to technology. Even 3,000 miles away, I’m able to stay on track!! Thanks to Karol, I am making better choices with food and am so much healthier. She has taught me so much along the way and I will be forever grateful to her! Almost 3 years later, I have never felt better and I’m happy to say that I have completed over 15 half marathons and 1 full marathon (training for my second one).