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PT Pros was created with a simple premise in mind: you deserve personal training from professionals that truly care about helping you set and ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS.

Founded by Mike Cook and Karol Alexander, PT Pros focuses on a well-rounded approach to personal training and meal planning. There is an emphasis on nutrition, mobility, strength, and weight management.

If you want your personal fitness trainer to care about your goals as much as you do, then PT Pros is the right fit for you.

PT Pros Performance Studio

6408 W Linebaugh Ave, Unit 105

Tampa FL, 33625

(813) 952-8488

Open 7 Days a Week

6:00am – 10:00pm

 PT Pros are the best! I have been working out with PT Pros for more than two and a half years and can’t imagine working out with any other personal trainers. They are professional and accommodating! They are the best!  -Danielle B.

 I came to the world of gyms and trainers late, after 50. Mike Cook has found a way to motivate me into working hard and regularly for many years since. He continuously challenges me with new routines, eliminating the boredom, while helping me to feel my very best. You cannot do better!  -Thomas M.

 PT Pros has helped me lose 30 pounds in 4 months. I have taken 5.5 inches off my waist as well. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and he pushes me while also keeping things light. An amazing, life changing experience. I can’t recommend highly enough.  -Dave S.

 One of my best experiences from a gym! Love every minute.  -Mark M.