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“8 months ago I was roughly 313 pounds. I had a severe limp due to a hip impingement so bad that at 34 I could no longer run around with my children.  Like most people in my situation the weight issue had become a catch 22. If I worked out or exercised my body would ache, and if my body ached I didn’t want to exercise. Further my hip issues were leading to achilles tendon pain due to my abnormal gate.  I was also fearful of fads like crossfit, which were pushed on me by many people as the answer,  knowing that they would push my arthritic and impinged hip past where it could go.  On top of it all I was just plain embarrassed at the state I had let myself degrade to. It seemed like a huge mountain to climb and a ton of humility to even get to “less fat.”

Enter Mike Cook of PT Pros

Mike was a good friend and had been asking me to come over to the gym to see if he could give me some exercises to help ease my hip pain. I didn’t take him up on the offer. I was afraid he would tell me what I didn’t want to hear, make me do things I couldn’t physically due, and I didn’t see the point in putting myself through that.  Simply put I was scared and apathetic.  However, my wife was getting to a breaking point in terms of concern about my health, and I had a decision to make.  For the sake of my marriage, I sought out Mike’s help.

He put me on a program to maximize my mobility and help improve my strength.  Most surprising to me he cut exercises out that he could see were putting strain on my hip.  That didn’t make the workouts easier, it just made them pain and shame free.  Mike also helped shape my meal plan and overall sense of food intake.

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8 months later:

I have lost 40lbs and counting.

I have lost a total of 5 inches off my chest and 4 inches off my waist.

I recently had my lab work done and my HDL Cholesterol (the good kind) have gone up by two full milligrams into the healthy range, and my triglycerides have been cut in half.

Most importantly, I am living a relatively pain free existence. Mike put me on a mobility regiment that has changed my life. I still get your average muscle pains, but now they are from dead-lifting 425 pounds and bench pressing 270 pounds!

What I have learned is that the trainer/trainee relationship is a two way street. Mike has to do his best to keep me on the right path, but I have to do the work; he can’t do it for me. Would I recommend Mike to someone? Just ask anyone that comes in contact with me. He breaks the mold of what people think trainers are, and I have never seen someone care so much about their client base.

My life is supremely better than it was only 8 short months ago.

I think a lot of people reading this likely have been through one or several of the emotions I had before starting this journey. I can tell you that the time wasted fearing the “what ifs” are minutes that you could spend turning things around.

So stop fearing and get going!


Next up for me is a focus on improving my strength, with a secondary goal of getting my weight down to 250 by the end of the year.”

-Dave Snyder, PT Pros Client



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